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"This extensive planning guide gives the tools needed to successfully understand the college environment for students with learning disabilities and their rights and potential accommodations". 

Learning disabilities present unique challenges when you’re planning to attend college. The National Center for Learning Disabilities conducted a survey in 2016 of 800 parents, and 72% said it was hard finding information about college disability services. For these students, getting the right information and support to excel in college requires a persistent strategy.

In this extensive planning guide, we give you the tools you need to be successful in understanding the college environment for students with learning disabilities as well as your rights and potential accommodations. Whether it’s in-person or online college you’re pursuing, we’ll show you where to find the best resources to achieve your goals.


-Wheelchair Accessibility

-Adaptive Equipment

-Sensory-friendly design

-Assistance Services

-Inclusive Programming

-Safety Measures


While other companies are interested in taking you out for a boat ride Water Adventures is dedicated to helping you enjoy a tranquil time while creating a memorable moment. We directly benefit children, adults, and veterans with disabilities to imagine the possibilities in their lives!

About Captain Captain Mick Nealey
An experienced Keys captain, and guide. He launched Water Adventures, a charter tour, and cruise operation over 30 years ago. WA specializes in providing accessible boat tours for persons with disabilities. Nealey, founder, and operator of Water Adventures and Active Disabled Americans is a polio survivor since the age of 2. He considers himself uniquely qualified to understand the needs and adapt equipment for people with special needs. My disability was just never much of a hindrance in my life. Now I want to show other disabled individuals that they can be active too.” Captain Mick is dedicated to  assisting individuals with disabilities to discover boating and all the activities associated with it.  

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